Critics' and Readers' Feedback


'It's a wonderful book! I am even more awestruck the second time around.. Very few novelists get it right when they use Rock as the context for a novel. Howard Male got it right. One of the best novels I've read in the last decade'                                   Tony  Visconti, record producer (David Bowie, Morrissey, U2)


 'Etc Etc Amen is a rock n' roll romp through mind, body and soul. Part satire, part esoteric musing, all entertainment. I wish we'd had Howard Male on 'Life On Mars' - heaven only knows where he'd have taken it!' Matthew Graham (co-creator of the TV series  Life on Mars)

'I enjoyed it immensely' - Robin Denselow (writer and broadcaster)

'Worth every penny- excellent book!' - Pauline Black (author and lead singer of the Selector)

'An excellent novel, thought provoking, funny and absorbing. I believed absolutely in the world Howard Male created.' - Imogen Robertson (novelist)

 'Half pulp novel, half spiritual guide book, Etc Etc Amen moves from conspiratorial mutterings to a shriek. It's both captivating and intelligent and it treats its readers likewise. Interesting idea to make an ideology based on sitting on the fence… Not sure what I feel about this (ha ha).' Delaney Davidson (singer songwriter)

 'A sharp, funny, scary and incisive novel that's as readable as it is wide-ranging - which is very.' David Quantick (scriptwriter and broadcaster)

'A finely crafted novel that seems destined to become a cult book about a cult.' Peter Culshaw (writer for The Guardian and author of Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao)

'A highly original, artfully constructed and deliciously ironic tale. I'm sure you'll find a publisher.' Mick Brown (author of The Spiritual Tourist and The Rise and Fall of Phil Spector)

'I think I'd call it "an art-school rock-theological satirical thriller." Enjoyed it plenty. Laughed out loud several times.' Nick Coleman (author of The Train in the Night)  

 'The KUU 'bible' passages are clever and ridiculous in a pleasing way. You write with such clarity and originality about the music press that I laughed out loud several times. Is it ready for publication? I can believe that. Is it something really special? I can even believe that too.' Patrick Neate (Whitbread prize-winning novelist.)

 'Very enjoyable, ambitious and thought-provoking. Velvet Goldmine meets Michel Houellebecq.' Chris Roberts (writer for Uncut and The Telegraph)

 'I really enjoyed Etc Etc Amen. At last a novel about a musician that didn't make me want to punch the author.' Jim Bob (author and Carter USM frontman)

 'A nimble juggling of genres (conspiracy thriller, faux music memoir, comedy of manners, travelogue) which has resulted in a novel both page-turningly readable & intellectually stimulating.' Jamie Renton (writer for fRoots,  The Encyclopaedia of Popular music and The Guardian)

 'Imagine Don DeLillo's rock and roll novel 'Great Jones Street' fed through a psychedelic mincer by the ghost of Douglas AdamsOne of the smartest, most knowing books about fandom since Nick Hornby's early stuff. Tim Footman (author of Welcome to the Machine: OK Computer and the Death of the Classic Album)

 'Howard writes fiction very well. Believable and entertaining.' Garth Cartwright (author of More Miles than Money)

'Smart plotting, clever dialogue, close attention to period detail and lashings of wit and invention make Howard Male's fiction debut an unexpected delight. Zachary B may be an invention of Howard's fertile imagination, but it's a mark of the vividness of his writing that his book left me wanting to hear Zac's records. I have a strong suspicion they're probably long lost classics' Nigel Williamson (writer for Uncut and The Times )

 I am on page 102. Man it's really good so far.' Nick Urata (singer with Devotchka and soundtrack composer for Little Miss Sunshine)

 'A good book grants you resident status. A great book lets you remain long after the final page is turned. Here I am, weeks later, still lost in Etc Etc Amen with more questions than answers, which surely is the point. This multi-layered fable is smart, funny and a ripping good read.' Simon Holland (Editor of Properganda Magazine)

 A ruby in the dust! A truly great read that I was happy to pick up whenever I felt like it, sit back and simply be entertained.' Pietro DiMascio (singer/songwriter with Peyoti for President)

'A challenging debut from an energetic new voice.' Mark Hudson (author of The Music in My Head and writer for the Daily Telegraph)

'I liked Etc Etc Amen a lot. Howard Male has written a thunderin' good read with all the elegance of dance floor shapes. He has climbed inside the beast that once was rock 'n' roll and linked power chords with esoteric philosophy and skullduggery in an intriguing and compelling manner.' Johnny Green (author of A Riot Of Our Own: Night and Day with the Clash).

'Howard Male ingeniously sends up religious belief through his wonderfully imagined world where a rock star begets a cult whose believers behave like fans. Food for thought and a huge amount of fun too.' Russ Coffey (writer for The Times and director of the award-winning documentary Hookers for Jesus)

'Out of the crazy, hedonistic music scene of 1970's London emerges a thought that could stabilise a directionless secular world at the same time as questioning the very essence of religious belief. Very rarely has a book left me questioning and pondering the very core of my being for weeks afterwards. A damn good read!' John Caldwell (picture framer)

''It is highly original and darkly funny. The world of the KUU and The Tripod remain in my mind like some strange dream. I'm sure it will continue to gather fans.' Justin Adams (musician and record producer.) 

'A great read. Philosophically original and thought provoking. I liked the novel's idiosyncratic structure.' Dr David Cummins

'A three-chord wonder on an epic scale, that blends rock, religion, and love into a smash hit. Catchy and clever.' Gordon Neil (auditor)

'An ambitious literary thriller with a dollop of religious satire and a sprinkling of 70s rock music may be the way to describe it. If the author can get a bit of word of mouth going then it wouldn't surprise me to see it do well.' Scott Pack (on his blog Me and My Big Mouth)

'Etc Etc Amen combines serious purpose with a playful execution. The characters have stayed with me, as has the central philosophy of the KUU.' Linda Oliver (hospital administrator)

'Etc Etc Amen had me laughing, smiling and cringing as I recognised character after character. A thrilling read with twists and turns to keep you intrigued till the end. Long live the KUU!' Chetna Kapakee (music and theatre promoter)

'Rich in detail and surprises, Etc Etc Amen is the story of a hideously plausible new religion, with love, betrayal and revenge playing an all too familiar part. It examines the limits of human credibility in a satirical but thought provoking way, leaving you to re-assess all those unlikely coincidences in your life. I was cosmically nudged.' Ian Macpherson (Sound Recordist)

'A great book! Very enjoyable, engaging and suspenseful. The excellent KUU hypothesis is so plausible, sensible and hyperventilatingly racy. If H can get the right agent or publisher this one could be really successful.' Chris Potts (plumber)

'I was at the GP's office yesterday and I realized on page 42 that I had been making a list of people I want to read this book. It's great!' Maxine Doray (musician/Buddhist/witch)

'A major achievement. Authoritatively convincing in each of its settings and
continually intriguing and elegant in its interlocking story-lines
' - Charlie
(1942 - 2010)

'It's witty and well written with a neatly skewed perspective on life. I really enjoyed it.' Mic Wright (Q Magazine and the Guardian)

'Some richly imaginative insights into the vagaries of fame, fortune and false god's, and the condition which proclaims to be human. I feel a combination of elation, insight and inspiration having completed Etc Etc Amen.' John Butterworth (painter)

 'Etc Etc Amen is marvellous, intriguing, profound and really innovative. I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I'm starting to translate it into Italian for my sister, it will take a while but I think it's worth the effort: I'm sure she will love it as I did. Thank you for having written it!' - Elisabetta Fedrigo (artist)

'I found Etc Etc Amen utterly captivated. It's a philosphical rockumentary full of twists, lasting characters, and tantalising bittersweet ideas & observations on our rather frail, flawed, yet ever hopeful species, and the nature of our need for belief.' Emma David (mother and writer)

'Complex and highly original: a thriller, a comedy bound by a profound but light-hearted philosophy. I recommend getting a first edition, or two in fact. One to read and one to put up for auction a few years down the line.' Justin Earl (painter)

'I finished your book the other night and really enjoyed it. Your descriptions and turn of phrase are wonderful. Often I would take time to reread a particularly splendid sentence or paragraph just to savour it once more. It's a very thought provoking read and a story that stays with you for ages afterwards. All the same I can imagine someone in California reading Etc Etc Amen and deciding to turn the KUU into a very real cult, which makes my blood run cold!' Raymond Gorman, (songwriter and guitarist with That Petrol Emotion)

'The literary ambitions are well met, even breathtaking, nay enviable, for a debut. Etc Etc Amen proves that it's possible to write contemporary literature that is still readable - something that has alas become all too rare. You will want to read Etc Etc Amen again, without a doubt.' Rich Rainlore (extracts from a review on his blog; Rainlore's World of Music)

'But it is the detail - the 'Etc Etc '- that makes 'Etc Etc Amen' such an enthralling read; Male's eye for the impact of the minute on the bigger picture is what sets him apart as a writer and as a promising literary talent.' Karl Smith, The Quietus (full review here)


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