A Discography of Zachary B


While I was writing Etc Etc Amen I had fun creating a selective discography for Zachary. It helped make him more real to me, and it was also useful as a timeline reference while writing the faux biography sections of the novel. So here it is - in honour of anoraks everywhere – especially the ones who can’t even resist studying the ephemera of a rock star who never existed.





                    Niagara Falls Again/Orbit 5 - 1968 Mushroom Records M1272                    

                   The Rhyme Traveller/England, My Queen  -  1968 Mushroom Records M1842 

                   Don't Laugh At the Messenger/Outside the Dome - 1969 Mushroom Records M2098-                                                                                                 

                   Straightjacket Disco/ Straightjacket Disco (Dub Remix) 1980 Valentine Records V01               

                  Sex Vampire/ Juice On The Loose -1980 Valentine Records V04

                  Cosmic Nudge/Bad Habits - 1980 Valentine Records V05

                  Future Funk Landslide/Scene Stealer - 1981 Valentine Records V03

                  Light the Way/ Light the Way (Original Demo) -  1982 Valentine Records V16




                    Where Are My Wings/Monumental Days - 1970 AMT Records AMT 4621

                     African Princess/Jody (Double A Side) - 1970 AMT Records AMT 4701

                     Death Jet/I Know Nothing - 1971 AMT Records AMT 4621

                    Brave the Spotlight/Kensington Jam - 1971 AMT Records AMT 4733

                    High As You Can Go/As Far As the Mind Can See - 1971 AMT Records AMT 4668

                     An Eye for an Eye/So What's Your Name? - 1971 AMT Records AMT 4703

                     Sensimilija/ Secrets of Njarou - 1972 AMT Records AMT 4733

                     Cosmic Blood Brothers/I'm Outta Here! - 1972 AMT Records AMT 4809

                     Don't Leave - Dance!/ Shadow of A Silver Thought - 1972 AMT Records AMT 4621

                     Put Your Glam Rags On/ Put Your Glam Rags On Again  - 1973 AMT Records     AMT 4656

                     Do The Rocket/Liza In Leather - 1973 AMT Records AMT 4689

                     Black Is Gold/Black Is Gold (instrumental) - 1974 AMT Records AMT 4733

                     Ride To Saturn/I'm The Cubist Funk Master! - 1974 AMT Records AMT 4762

                     Here We Come, Come, Come/Here We Come, Come, Come -1975 AMT Records AMT 4871

                     Pulse/Pulse Quickened - 1975 AMT Records AMT 4941

                    Silver Soul Jet Stream/Rapid Fire - 1976 AMT Records AMT 4909

                    Galaxy Funk-Up/Cheap Chains -1977 AMT Records AMT 4982

                     Who's Fooling Who?/ Faster Than Light - 1977 AMT Records AMT 4991

                     Pretending's Easy/You 2 Me - 1978 AMT Records AMT 5121




Mellow Dramas of A Generous Heart - 1969 Mushroom Records M2076LP

SidOnee : Avenue Paris. Treasures. Underworld. Deep Love. The Rhyme Traveller. Don't Laugh At The Messenger. The Message. Side Two: Coat of Arms. Planet Romance. Strange As It May Be. Flowers for the Free. The Cynic Smiles. 


Straightjacket Disco - 1981 Valentine Records V22A

Side One: Future Funk Landslide. Born To Push It. Cosmic Nudge. Pedestal Love. De-Shock. Side Two: Straightjacket Disco (revisited 54 Mix). Pretending's Easy. You 2 Me. My Fate In Your Hands. Everybody Say Now! Drop Out.. 


Zachary Bekele. Demo Tremors - 1982 Valentine Records. Double Album. V29A

Side One: Through The Telescope. On That Journey Still. I know Nothing. Light The Way. You Can Laugh. Knowing and Unknowable. Through The Telescope(alternative version) Side Two: Don't Tell Me. Boys Of Gun Law. You're Getting Warmer. The Day You Met Me. Everything Is Amazing. KUUdos Side Three: Waves Crashing. Paradox. Love Steps In. Your Secret Voice. She's All right. Wise Blood. Raising The Sun. Raising The Sun (take 2) Side Four: The Strangest Thing. Heartsing. Sadness Spills Over. Only Moments. You Can Laugh. Have Some Faith. A Cold Coming (We Had of It) 


Light The Way - 1983 Valentine Records. V103A

Side One: Light The Way. On That Journey Still. Through The Telescope. The Enigma Of Chance. Don't Believe. The Dreamer's Pool Side Two: Sadness Spills Over. The Strangest Thing. Shots In The Dark. A Grain Of Sand. The Great Deflator. Belief is an End Not A Beginning.


Laughter in The Dark - 1991 V Records VCD2897A (double album on a single CD)

Album 1: Prelude. Margot in Red. Albininus's Theme. A Cross of Pebbles. You Can Doubt.

Album 2: Blind Luck. Tea, Rex? Margo, Come To Me. Laughter in the Dark. The Meaningful Void. 

Laughter in the Dark by the Chelmsford Symphony Orchestra - 2001 V Records VCD7964A

Side One: Laughter in The Dark Part 1 Side Two: Laughter in The Dark Part 2. 1971 Ten Minute Interview with Zac Bekele. 





Magpie - 1970 AMT Records AMT 4723LP

Side One: Meet Your Maker. What Star are You? Children Know. Monumental Days. Somebody, Somewhere. Where Are My Wings. Side Two: Jazz Cafe. The Vision. Bad Day For a Good Time. A Fine Day. Pictures of Invisible Things Parts 1 & 2.  


Tomorrow's Bride - 1971 AMT Records AMT 4877LP

Side One. Boy Meets Girl Meets Girl. The Eye. Darkness Visible. Jody. I Know Nothing. Side Two: Crushed Velvet Girl. Brave the Spotlight. Death Jet. Lost For Words. African Princess. 


An Eye For An Eye-  1972 AMT Records AMT 5001LP

Side One: Sensimilija. Make Her Go Away. Einstein's Revenge. Yes, No, or Maybe?. Betrayal. London 516433. Side Two: An Eye For An Eye. Russian Witch Doctor. Bomb the Righteous. White Lies. As Far As The Mind Can See. Cosmic Blood Brothers. I'm Outa Here! 


Put Your Glam Rags On - 1973 AMT Records AMT 5099LP

Side One:. Put Your Glam Rags On. Don't Leave - Dance! Shadow Of A Silver Thought. Death Vampire Side Two. Do The Rocket! The Happy Medium. Midnight Walker. My New Dance. Liza in Leather. Vertigo City (Get Back On The Floor)

The Slim Hipped Hipster and The Juxta-Posers - 1974 AMT Records AMT 5111LP

Side One: I'm The Cubist Funk Master. Slap Your Mamma. Just As I thought. Dig Deep. Marijuana Girl. If You're Out There, You're In Here! Side Two: San Francisco Party. Ride To Saturn. The Best At The Boogie. Who's Jiving Who. Black Is Gold. Rapid Fire. 


Swimming The River of The Soul - 1975 AMT Records AMT 5199LP

Side One: The Great Unknown. Here We Come, Come, Come. Time and Tide Parts 1-3. Side Two: Swimming. The River. The Soul. Marble City. The End. 


Silver Soul Jet Stream - 1977 AMT Records AMT 5226LP

Side One: Moving Mountains. Was it Something I Said. Who's Fooling Who? Just Because. Pulse  Side Two: Silver Soul Jet Stream. Galaxy Funk-Up. Get on the Track! Cheap Chains 


Zac's Back. The Best of Zac B and The Now - 1981 AMT Records AMT 7001LP

Side One: Where Are My Wings. Brave the Spotlight. High As You Can Go. An Eye For An Eye. Sensimilija. Cosmic Blood Brothers. The Cloud Walkers. Don't Leave - Dance! You Can Laugh. Side Two: Put Your Glam Rags On. Do The Rocket. Black Is Gold. Ride To Saturn. Here We Come, Come, Come. Rapid Fire. Just Because 





The Deep End - The Dog Stars - 1975 AMT Records AMT 3442LP

Side One: My Machine*. Sun And Sex. Freeze!. The Factory. Gun Culture. Raging Bull Side Two: Justice, Just Is*. Race Riot. History Lessons (Are Never Learnt). Homicide City*. Berwick Street Jam. The Deep End 

*Songs co-written by Zachary B




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 Zachary B - Man and Mythmaker -Phil Kirby. V Books

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