Imagine if a charismatic star such as John Lennon had left behind a blueprint for an alternative religion which pointed out the anachronisms and dangers of the existing faiths. How long would this religion take to spread across the globe and even be perceived as a threat to Christianity, Judaism and Islam? In the age of the Internet, certainly less than 2000 years.

Set in 1970s London and present-day Marrakech, Etc Etc Amen is a conspiracy thriller and a murder mystery in which people make gods out of men and gods out of thin air, and the destructive power of both religious faith and obsessive love has fatal consequences.



"Oh my god, how have I ignored this for so long? I have given it as presents to friends - although I don't want to name names.” Listen here to Tony Visconti talking about and reading from Etc Etc Amen on Janice Long’s Radio 2 show: